HD Nov 7 2023

HD Nov 7 2023

Home Depot is expecting an influx of call volume on CYBER Monday, November 27th and we need your help! 

It’s simple, post and service any amount of intervals on Monday, November 27th between the hours of 10am through 6pm ET and your call center will earn an additional $1 per interval ($2 per hour) for the hours selected and serviced.

As long as your CA is greater than or equal to 90% for Monday, November 27th and your agent services between 10am–6pm ET.

 Home Depot Servicing Incentive – Home Depot MAX / Standard Statement of Work

Intervals must be selected and serviced.

If intervals are currently selected during the 10am-6pm timeframe on 11/27, as long as the intervals are serviced, the call center will qualify for the incentive.